Temple of Elemental Evil

Krusk goes slowly mad

When we returned to the moat house from the previous day’s adventures, Finn celebrated heavily with the refugees seeking shelter their. It was one of his characteristic evenings of revelry, except it reminded the other adventurers that they hadn’t seen this behavior from Finn since the party’s first venture to Nulb. The next morning, Finn was decidedly hung over; truly a first in the party’s experience. Before setting out, Krusk urgently pressed Susheer to prepare a potion of fire resistance and then convinced Wonnilon to take it. Finn wasn’t entirely clear what was going on, but it seemed pretty important to Krusk. With that, the party set out and, thankfully, Finn managed to shake (nap) off his hangover before reaching the ToEE.

We went to the rooms behind the water temple. In the two side rooms, we defeated the water paladin and the two aides that came to his rescue. Krusk picked up a +3 bastard sword. We also saw a leather cape and a trident in the paladin’s private rooms. Thanks to Wonnilon’s unexpected with water magic artifacts and the bits and pieces of lore each party member had picked up, we identified the cloak as one that’ll turn you into a manta ray if you’re wearing it and encounter salt water and the trident as one that causes a powerful yearning for deep water. There was also a potion of underwater breathing.

Behind the door to the third room, we heard lapping waves. Krusk was cautious of a trap and, as our strongest swimmer, volunteered to spring it while the rest of the party took shelter in one of the side rooms. Thus, he tied himself to a fixture in the main room, held the potion, and bravely opened the door to discover a pool with a merman chained to the bottom. The merman telepathically reached out to Krusk telling him, “Hurry! Dive in here and free me so I can save you from the Kraken! It’ll be here soon!” Krusk shut the door and called back the rest of the party. Shaera knew enough of their race to point out that if we freed him, we still didn’t have the resources to get him to any other body of water before he suffocated. Finn pointed out that the last time we met a denizen of this temple that told us to “Hurry up!” and do something, it was demon trying to lure us to our doom. Krusk contributed that he looked less malnourished than some of the others we’d rescued, but Krusk mostly seemed distracted during the debate, as if he was hearing arguments the rest of the party didn’t.

In the end, we left him there and went to the air temple. Inside the temple, were a couple of braziers emitting a sweetly-sick smoke, though no fire. Finn didn’t like this and decided to cover one of them over in an attempt to smother the smoke. Though before doing so, he recognized it as a potential trigger and urged the rest of the party to take up positions near the door where we entered. When he did so, it began spewing a more acrid smoke and summoned both an air elemental and an air doggy to attack. The party retreated to the door way, though it did take Finn a bit to convince Krusk that we really didn’t want to be fighting in the rapidly expanding smoke. Fortunately, the party defeated the enemies just as the smoke was spilling out into the hallway and obscuring their view of the air elemental. After the battle, we found another stairway down inside a wing of the air temple.

Before pushing on to the next floor, we decided to do something about a couple of ogres in one of the rooms the party had left alone on a previous excursion. On the way there, Krusk thought he saw a shadow, but when the rest of the party stopped to investigate we could find no traces of an enemy or arcane force. While listening at the door outside the Ogre’s room, Krusk heard a baby crying. The party entered the room and defeated the ogre’s, finding no baby. Following the battle, Krusk’s hallucinations appear to be increasing. That’s where we stopped for the night



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