Temple of Elemental Evil

Roast Pork

Burn Baby Burn

The party, having finished off 4 bugbears, and poisoned the bugbears food, decides to create a diorama. In this case, the dead bugbears appear to have been attacked by the Cult of Fire, with an obvious trail leading to the Moathouse. The party waits in the moathouse, hoping the bugbears will attack, since the party has constructed a flaming trap. Instead, in the night, a little girl appears saying “have you seen my daddy?” The party feels she is an evil apparition, and locks her in a room. In the morning, she is no longer there. Creepy.

Day 11: The party has prepared for every eventuality, except what actually occurs — the 8 bugbears, who have always been short range only, appear with a crossbow wielding Bugbear assassin, and two Bugbear mages. The party, especially Finn, feel like this may be their last stand. Still the fire trap works perfectly, as does Finn’s cave in. Because of the fire trap and the cave in, the front line bugbear soldiers die even before the mages can enter the fight. However, the mages quickly daze the party, and then daze them again. With Finn repeatedly being crossbowed by the assassin, it is only his brief respite, along with his focus on defense that lets him dodge 4 crossbow bolts. Krusk helps by marking when he can, and being impossible to hit when he cannot. When the smoke clear, the party is all alive, and only the mages are alive, escaping. They escape to a clearing, but the tracks end in a circle of fire. They were either teleported away, or burned to a crisp.

The party looks for the last “Beware Evil” spot marked on the map. They found an abandonded camp where 20-30 humanoids used to live, but they’ve been gone for a while. You estimated somewhere between 6 months and 2 years.

The party gets to Nulb.



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