Temple of Elemental Evil

The party finally rescues the mysterious little girl

For what we currently know of the dungeon:

The party starts in 243, where two people have been arguing over a ring. We had decided that neither of them deserved it, so we went in and took it from both of them. Finn let one of them live, so Susheer asked politely where a nice little girl might be. The prisoner didn’t know, but thought there might be prisoners to the South east. We let him live, but put him in a cell on the first floor (where the wights attacked us)

Following his directions, we went to 227, a huge hall full of bad tapestries, and all difficult terrain, due to broken chairs, tables, etc etc. Exactly where 227 was, there was a staircase that only Susheer felt nauseous around. Using arcana, Susheer thinks that it only affects certain alignments and/or races. However, Wonilon is both Fey origin and unaligned, but felt nothing.

When walking by 209, we did not see it. Instead, we saw the southeast corridor off 227, and followed it to 208, where werewolves attacked us. We quickly subdued them, even though they were healing, and then searched the room, finding an entire stash of silver, wolfsbane, 1 sword/3 vs werewolf, and everything else the temple might have against werewolves. From now on, Susheer vows to search during combat.

We followed the corridor SE, towards 206. There was a privacy screen around 206, and knocking it down, we found 2 bugbears and 1 human, which we quickly left only the human alive. The human also didn’t know exactly where the girl was, but told us to turn back, and that north of us there might be prisoners. We stuffed him in another cell of the wights.

Listening at the door to 205b, we heard someone writing a letter. Jumping into the room, we found an Anti-Paladin, who quickly summoned help from an Ogre. We defeated them both. In room 205d, we found a little girl, crying. We recognized her, and she mentioned that bad people had taken her … soul?? shadow?? and made it do bad things including spying. Susheer and Krusk helped convince the nice girl that freedom with Susheer was better than a jail cell, and then the party took the girl home.

Susheer made a quick stop to pick up most of the ballista, and put it on the disk. Then, floating home, we bring the little girl and the prisoners to the moathouse. We lock the prisoners in cells in the moathouse so we can interrogate them. Susheer then uses a ritual to make the ballistae whole. The party sleeps, happy and content.

The next day, Susheer casts a Floating disk and just Barely makes the roll necessary with help from his friends. Therefore, the ballista perches on the disk, with Susheer riding shotgun.
The party floats to 202 and sees a sleeping Fen Hydra — a 5 headed beast that would be a serious challenge to us. Worse, there corridor to 203 looks invitingly like a trap. So, we float back to 203, and listen at the door. Behind it, in 219, we hear Trolls. The party attacks foolheartedly, with no preparation. Even though there are only two trolls ( three heads, though, making the math difficult ), the party struggles to hit the trolls enough to do any sort of damage. The ballista is super underwhelming, and Susheer gives up on it in disgust. However, the party is victorious, and loots the room.



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