Temple of Elemental Evil

The Rats of Elemental Eeeevil

Primed and ready, Finn convinces us to go down the main staircase first. The adventure is off to a rough start, though, when the hallway deadends in a door full of mystic runes. So, instead we head down the West staircase. The party finds a complex vast catacombs, with stairs down. However, Krusk opines that this level must be completed before we can go down, so we explore the level.

The party finds a room with a pressure plate. Hearing chains in the wall, the rest of the party runs back to the corridor, except Susheer, who doesn’t see why everyone is running and screaming all of a sudden. However, Finn calls to him, so Susheer returns back, only to have a porticulus slam down behind Susheer. The harpies in the room scream their frusteration.

The party leaves, finds a pile of refuse, which Finn pokes with a stick. Out jumps rats and rats and rats, but the party prevails.

The party returns to the porticulus room, and instead of just attacking the harpies, Finn opens a door to find ghouls as well. The battle is brief, even with 2 groups out for our blood. Then the party hears a scream from a room beside us, and so we run in. Chained to the wall is a mysterious woman, but 4 ghouls are there, and they are hungry. However, we soon prevail,even though we had used many of our resources in the previous battle. Of course, one thing we did not do is use the Holy Water, which we’ve been keeping for just such an occasion, but we all forgot, in the heat of the battle.



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