Temple of Elemental Evil

The Temple of Elemental Evil

Finally, the party has enough courage

The party decides, today, to assault the Temple. But first, they see an abandoned tower, so they investigate it. Finding some Mages with their guards, the party feels very confident in subduing the mages until…. one mage whistles. The party freaks out, with a variety of interesting yet likely invalid strategies proposed. Seconds later, a ginormous Crow appears, and starts pecking at Shaera.

However, Krusk spends his time taunting the barbarians, and because he cannot be hit, the party escapes mostly unscathed. After tossing the tower, the party finds some money and some robes.

Then, the party tries to enter the temple. We see a great variety of gruesome stained glass, and we attempt to destroy them. However, any attempts are useless, so we try the front door. The front door has runes that threaten to make a demon stronger if they are disturbed, so we try the side door. That opens, after using some Elbow Grease. The temple is laid out in all it’s glory: (see Wiki)



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