Temple of Elemental Evil

Trouble in verb-o-bonk

Finn finds his own brand of trouble

Susheer hires some guards for the Moathouse, and a carpenter — charging them to “make the place look nicer”

The party travels to Verb-o-bonk, and does shopping. Susheer tries to get a party portrait for the new Pimped Out Moathouse, but only Krusk plays along. Finn has been trying to chase down the mysterious child-ghost, and has found it bears resemblance to a certain potion seller’s daughter. The party investigates the potion seller’s house, but is interrupted by the town guard. A trail of blood outside leads to a den of low-lifes, who the party surprises. One of the lowlifes has a potion that breaks onto the wall, creating a portal to some dimension that contains gargoyles. Even though Susheer believes the town guard will subdue the gargoyles, the party decides to subdue the gargoyles as well as the lowlifes. The party returns to the moathouse with 2 new statues, and Susheer proudly shows off his new invention — a way to seal doors so that only the party can get through. He uses this on the back door, allowing his guards and carpenters to open the door as well.



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