Temple of Elemental Evil

Worst laid plans also gang aft agley

In which the party annoys every living person in Nulb

The bartender in Nulb mentions that if we are looking to make money, we should go to a particular house and ask for work. When we get there, we are told that Caravans have been disappearing, and we will get a reward if we find the root of the problem. We volunteer, and camp outside Nulb.

Day 12:
We find the caravan on the road coming back to Nulb. Shaera is on the lookout for an ambush, and soon enough, an arrow whizzes past Shaera’s ear. Battle is joined, with the light of Susheer’s shield giving succor to the two guards, and the party. Seeing no-one but the two archers, Krusk mocks the archer, asking “where’s the rest of you”. At this point, the two guards stab Susheer! Vile treachery! Vile bottomfeeders! Susheer squeals at being hit, and Krusk therefore drives his blade into the archer’s neck, turns around, and charges the two guards. Battle is longer and bloodier than usual, with Shaera losing control and turning into her cat-form. The craven wagoneer grabs a bag of holding (including a spellbook) and attempts to run away, but Shaera drops him with a 2nd well placed arrow.

The rest of the backstabbing brutes are quickly given justice, and now only the crows will know them. The wagoneer is revived, and refuses to answer our questions, claiming that we’ll kill him no matter what. Convinced by his arguments, the party decides to kill him. At that point, he mentions that Johannes has been responsible for the attacks, and when we describe our quest giver, we find that Johannes is behind our attack.

We stake out Johannes’ house. Krusk is ready to burn the whole thing down, and kill anyone who escapes. However, while reconnoitering, Shaera steps on a sleeping chicken. Two guards come out,and question Shaera, who cannot convince them she’s drunk. Susheer joins the party, but even he cannot convince them that Shaera is drunk. Therefore, the guards escort us to the edge of the town. Satisfied, they turn to leave us, when we attack them with a well placed tactical ambush. They cry out for reinforcements, who come from the house in vast numbers. We kill one quickly, and knock the other out. Krusk slings that one over his shoulder, and we all start running. Unfortunately, they are faster than Krusk with his burden, and soon we need to drop the guard (stopping to slit his throat), and run full speed away. We camp with the safety of the woodland creatures.

Day 13: We stake out the road to the Temple of Elemental Evil. Nothing happens, so Susheer reads his newly acquired spellbook. He seems to be practicing some ritual that requires playing his viola and his rainstick at the same time. He tries putting his rainstick in either hand, attaching it to his head, etc, but nothing works until he grabs it with his legs instead. By gyrating, he can play both instruments, but it will obviously take time to learn. He soon gives up and goes back to reading his book. No one comes to the Temple durning the day, but at night, there is a party of 4 elves. The elves are talking to themselves, when the party attacks. Susheer cries out “if you are followers of Bahamut, lay down your weapons and we will not harm you” before blasting the mage. Krusk says: “sorry about the misunderstanding… and the javelin” before spearing the mage with his javelin. The party quickly subdues the elves.



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