Temple of Elemental Evil

Session 4: Party goes to Verb-o-Bonk, and returns with loot

Day 4(cont): Party decides to sleep. In the night, the horses (attached to the only door), are agitated. The rest of the night continues without incident. The party finds Shaera who has been tracking Gnolls and Bugbears. Elmo leaves to rescue his brother. His parting is a sombre affair, with Susheer crying.

Day 5: Outside the door is a note: “Master. Intuderz. Tried to wake you. Set trapz.” The party finds Gnolls, and Krusk Charges,discovering the parties most useful weapon – a tripwire. Krusk gets hit by darts, but then moves out of the way. Finn moves a Gnoll into the killing corridor, and Susheer kicks the tripwire. Soon after Shaera joins in the tripwire kicking fun, and the hobgoblins quickly die. The party finds a trap door which closes a porticulus. The party also finds 4 bugbears, but boxes them in and quickly destroys them. There are 2 more bugbear corpses there, with sword stab wounds. It’s not clear where they were attacked, or why their party members brought them back to the keep. Knowing that the keep is now empty, the party returns to Hommlet, and sleeps.

Day 6: Party travels to Verb-o-bonk, 1.
Day 7: Party travels to Verb-o-bonk. Investigates library, finds notes about 3 cults of Evil — Fire who kills children (day 1), Water who kills men (day 10), and Chaos who kills women (Day ?). Susheer spends time with Julia, the hot librarian.
Day 8: Travel back to homlet,1
Day 9: Travel back to hommlet, 2.
Day 10: Get potions from Druid. Scope out “More Beware” on map. At that location is 16 bugbear cots, empty. The party finds poison berries, and poisons the food. The party also tracks down a 4 bugbear sortie, and kills them. In the open ground, even 4 bugbears are a formidable threat.

Session 3: The party outfits Hommlets Town Guard

Day 3 (cont): After killing the Ogre, we find he has hostages — 2 merchants and a gnome. The gnome gives us a ring, that will identify us as Gnome-Friends. We return to Homlett.
We give the druid flowers — he gives us healing potions. We heal the merchants, and they offer to send our reward when the return to Verb-o-Bonk.

Day 4: We return to the keep. A tripwire has been set up as a trap in the night. We bring along wagoneers who pay us for all of the armor and weapons. They leave, and we take a secret passage that we’ve found. We find a demonic scroll of protection (+2 to AC), but only Susheer can read it (and only for 24 hours). We find a giant crayfish, and kill it. We find the Master, who the guards warned us about, and we’re in for an epic battle. The master is protected by 3 pikemen, 1 dragonborn fighter, and many many mooks. Finn flies over the pikemen, smashing people left and right. Unfortunately, as he catches his breath, the Master bops him on the head with a mace, blinding him. Elmo and Krusk break through the lines, and helps Finn with the master and two of the pikemen. The dragonborn and the last pikeman charges Susheer, who trades blows for awhile. Krusk downs a pikeman, Finn charges Susheer’s pikeman, and Elmo goes down. Susheer kills the dragonborn, and charges back to help the (soon to be overwhelmed) Krusk. The pikeman, meanwhile, hooks Finn, meaning neither can get away. Both are one hit from down, so they concentrate on defence. Neither can hit the either.
Krusk kills a pikeman, and heals Elmo. Susheer says Good Job, before being knocked out by the Master. Finn tries a desperate gambit, and kills the pikeman, leaving himself opn for a counterattack that never comes. The master attempts to give up, but Finn smashes him in the chest, instantly killing the Master.

The master has 2 warhorses,plenty of gold, a magic ritual of destroying magic items, and more food than anyone could eat.

Session 2: Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls

Day 3: The party returns to the Keep, finding slimes, but overcoming them. The party finds a secret passage, which leads to ghouls. The undead are quickly defeated. The party is warned of a terrible Ogre, so they blunder directly into it, and Shaera kills it.
The party finds a huge armory, including swords, leather armor and more cloak than Finn can count.

Session 1: Meet the Party, Meet the Cultists
Finn steals Susheers gold, and gets called names

Day 1: Susheer is standing on the street corner, begging for money. Or, at least, providing the town with the opportunity to fund his latest venture, as he’d call it. We meet Elmo, a nice chain wearing, obviously skilled adventurer, who is looking for a little action. He is surprisingly helpful, and wants only to join our party and seek adventure. We meet the Druid, who wants flowers. We find a map to the Temple of Elemental Evil, which has “Beware” and “More Beware” marked. After drinking more than we should, we fall asleep. We are awakened by a commotion. The first awake, Krusk and Susheer, find a fleeing robed man with a baby in his arms. Krusk follows the figure. Shaera runs down the other stairs. Finn jumps out the 2nd story window, in the first story window, and attacks the figure. With that heroics, the party quickly defeats the bad guys. A fairly nice man, who had offered to join the party slept through the whole thing, causing Susheer to make a snap judgement that he was evil, meaning the party is only 5 (including Elmo). The adventurers sleep.

Day 2: The adventurers go to pick flowers. At the spot marked “Beware”, there is a keep. Shaera scouts, while meanwhile, Susheer knocks on the door. Frogs leap out and attack, but the party is victorious (barely), with Shaera running to rejoin the party.

In the first level of the keep are some guards, who Shaera slows, while the party fights a RageDrake. After the drake fall, the party quickly subdues the guards. They all return to Homlett, seeking justice


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