Romag's Diary

Romag’s Diary (Cleric of the Earth Temple)

A set of notes detailing Romag’s plan for Temple domination.

Section One – Water Temple
Belsornig continues to send me threats in his desperation to have me join him. I hate him, yet he would make a strong ally. Fire and Air could not stand against Earth and Water.
(The further pages contain some scraps with messages and threats from Belsornig.)

Section Two – Fire Temple
Alrrem knows Belsornig shall soon turn on him with the remnants of Air. If I do not ally with him, he shall surely be the next to fall. Once Alrrem has been destroyed, Belsornig will be in full control of level two, which will win him much honor within the Greater Temple. This must be avoided. But can it possibly make sense to ally with Alrrem? He has lost his sanity.
(The remaining pages display tactical maneuvers centering around what appears to be a fountain.)

Section Three – Air Temple
The destruction of Air is almost complete. But how can one live without air? I certainly have no plans for its demise. Kelno is simply a puppet to the Greater Temple. With the betrayal of Ashrem, the air temple was effectively brought down. Kelno has no real hope. He can play at pitting Fire against Water, but I need not be involved.
(Further pages show a diagram with a large open area in the center and Earth Temple forces marching through it triumphantly.)

Section Four – Chief Cleric
Hartsch has been bitter since he was passed over for promotion yet I do not think he will turn on me. Clearly, Barkinar was a powerful and respected former leader. It has not been easy as his successor. I know he has been enjoying some success in the Greater Temple. Yet he still must defer to Hedrack. This cannot be easy for him. I wonder how much time Hedrack has left. When it finally is Hedrack’s time, I am certain Barkinar will succeed him and I will be selected as the favorite Temple and possibly even promoted. But I must take care if Barkinar is killed first. Yes, that would foil my plans.
(There are a few graphic depictions of the High Priests, each impaled in various fashions against the Earth Temple pyramid.)

Romag's Diary

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